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A Macron e o Sporting

A Macron faz no site oficial uma apresentação da parceria com o Sporting e revela mais alguns pormenores dos equipamentos.


Macron will be the new technical sponsor of Sporting Clube de Portugal starting next season. The Italian company and the club have signed a three-year agreement from the 2014-15 until the end of the 2016-17 season. During the signing ceremony of the new deal, Macron and Sporting Clube de Portugal presented the new  jerseys for the next season 2014-2015.

The new Home jersey maintains the traditional white and green horizontal stripes. The Away jersey presents important new features, starting from the yellow color intersected with some green inserts. As for the Home jersey, this garment will be slim-fit and will have micromesh inserts. The green ‘crew neck’ collar presents a yellow lion on the side, while on the back is embroidered in green. More retro style, on the other hand, is in the new Stromp Jersey dedicated to Francisco Stromp (1892-1930), player and manager of Sporting Clube de Portugal during the ‘20s: a classic white & green polo that is inspired to the jerseys of the early ‘900, but shows up to date details such as the slim fitting and  micromesh inserts. The Sporting Lion and the patch of the club are embroidered on the chest  while on the back of the collar are the initials of the club. The special feature of this jersey is the famous sentence in Portuguese printed inside: “Queremos que o Sporting seja um grande Clube, tao grande como os maiores da Europa” (During the days of its foundation, in 1906, José Alvalade announced his well known wish to transform Sporting into a big club, as big as the biggest in Europe) proclaimed by Viscount Jose Alvalade, founder and first member of the Sporting Clube de Portugal , whom the Sporting Stadium is dedicated to.

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